Case studies

A loyal customer base is our best reference.

We would like to thank all our customers for having given us and continue to give us the opportunity to contribute to their development. We are proud to be able to help !

Supporting growth

BASE, the solution designed for SMEs

The first Rentys customer

Croix Chatelain is a dynamic SME that has been providing gardening tools and decorations for over 50 years.

Planning a multi-site project

FRAME, the tailored framework agreement

Well-equipped pharmacies

The Liège-based Pharma Santé Group wanted to equip 55 pharmacies with modern and efficient technology. A project of this scale was not achieveable in a day. FRAME was the ideal solution allowing replacements to be installed gradually.

Flexible Swap Lease

FLEX, the solution that unleashes your potential

Support for just-in-time growth

Bel Foodservice, the Belgian subsidiary of the world-leading cheese company, appreciated the flexibility offered. Thanks to the FLEX solution, they were able to quickly handle the increased demand generated by a new product launch.