FLEX is an extremely flexible form of scalable leasing which allows you to partially replace equipment, which has become obsolete during the contract, while remaining within the same budget. This solution allows you to upgrade to the latest technology and continue to grow your business; without substantially impacting on your budget.

FLEX in more detail

  • Upgradeable

    Rentys works with you to assess your needs and identify the best technical and financial solution suited to your needs, enabling you to be more responsive to change. Replacing equipment is contained in an annex to the BASE contract including the terms and conditions for upgrading the equipment.

  • Flexibility

    You can replace or add equipment throughout the lease period while maintaining a regular lease payment, or by extending the lease agreement for a period equivalent to the initial term. This provides you with optimal flexibility to upgrade your equipment within a controlled budget.

  • Monitoring

    As with the initial contractual procedure, you select the suppliers best suited to your needs and you order the equipment required, keeping within the budget available to you as part of your Flex option. 

The advantages of FLEX

  • Controlled costs for upgrading technological assets,
  • No depreciation table: lease payments relate only to operating expenses
  • Guaranteed technological performance
  • Administrative simplification

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Case Study


Following the launch of a new product line, a Belgian subsidiary of a major player in the food industry faced a sudden increase in the volume of orders. The company needed to quickly modify the capacity and output of their existing IT infrastructure to effectively support this growth.

Rentys Solution

Through a FLEX agreement, Rentys offered to finance the client’s IT infrastructure by including a provision in the contract to replace or increase any part of the assets without modifying the initial budget. Every six months, Rentys provides the client with the opportunity of upgrading their equipment and modifying the contract while keeping the same lease payment.

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