Operational Leasing

A flexible and scalable solution

The future is leasing

There are a number of reasons for the considerable interest in leasing solutions, including the fact that technology is rapidly outdated, businesses constantly demand flexibility while ensuring business growth, budgetary constraints and the increasing complexity of technology management.

Operational leasing allows you to finance your equipment without putting your business in debt and ensures you retain the optimum degree of flexibility to develop that equipment in the future.

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4 reasons to opt for operational leasing


  • your borrowing capacity is untouched
  • tax-deductible lease payments
  • fully financed
  • deconsolidation arrangements


  • easy access to new technologies
  • third party obsolescence risk management
  • improved productivity


  • simplified procedures
  • centralized monitoring
  • easier asset management


  • structured life-cycle management
  • equipment is reused and recycled
  • equipment is disposed according to WEEE standards