Operational leasing can integrate buying back all or part of your existing technological assets.  This is the  BACK solution. You benefit from a substantial injection of cash and a reduction in your fixed assets while continuing to use your equipment. 

BACK in more detail

  • Buy back

    The BACK solution begins with a technological and financial assessment of the equipment to be bought back. Rentys buys back your equipment at net book value. This immediately increases your liquid assets that you can use on other investments. The sale price serves as the basis for calculating the lease payments. For equipment with a net book value of zero or which is otherwise deemed obsolete, Rentys offers to renew the equipment under the existing contract.

  • Contract

    Equipment which has been bought back is made available under a lease agreement, the duration and payments for which vary depending on the use period of the equipment. Rentys’ leasing solutions are adapted to your needs, your renewal strategy and your budget.

  • Upgradeable

    You continue to use the equipment sold to Rentys, all the while having the flexibility to upgrade this equipment when you see fit.
    The flexibility of the BACK solution allows you to stagger the renewal of your technological assets.  Ownership is transferred without loss in asset value and the depreciation risk for the equipment rests with Rentys, allowing you to optimize your future operating costs as the result of joint procurement of the new equipment. Rentys manages your assets up to the point where they are recycled in accordance with environmental WEEE standards.  

The advantages of BACK

  • Immediate cash injection,
  • Reduced balance sheet.
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to replace obsolete equipment

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Case Study


The buy back solution is not always the result of a need for a cash injection. In the case of a well-known Belgian company, the decision was made to streamline and simplify their acquisition management. Too many invoices and too many accounting lines had resulted in a loss of time and efficiency. Rentys’ solution to the problem was greatly appreciated.

Rentys Solution

The BACK solution from Rentys met the client’s needs perfectly. Rather than managing the logistics and administration necessary to acquire a whole series of purchases, the client preferred to sell their IT assets to Rentys and entrust us with its financial and administrative management. The client was, of course, also delighted to receive a cash injection, which they could use to finance other projects.

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