Thanks to the RECYCLE  service, you no longer have the hassle of disposing of your old equipment. Rentys recovers and disposes of your outgoing equipment in accordance with current environmental standards.    

RECYCLE in more detail

  • Collect

    Rentys collects your old equipment from your offices and passes it on to our specialist recycling partners.
  • Recycling

    Equipment and components are sorted, reused, dismantled and reprocessed as seen fit and in line with the standards in force at the time.

    If the equipment is obsolete, Rentys recycles it in accordance with the European WEEE Directive on the treatment of electrical and electronic waste (DE 2002/96/EC of 27 January 2003).

  • Safety

    For your safety and when requested, Rentys can also erase all personal data from your hard disks and any other traces by which you may be identified.

The advantages of RECYCLE

  • No additional costs to dispose of your outgoing equipment
  • Removal of equipment that no longer meets your increasing needs.
  • Securitydeletion of sensitive data

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Case Study


A pharmaceutical group wanted to renew its IT assets in a sensitive operation which was likely to take several months to complete. One of the key terms within the agreement for the supply of the new equipment, was the subsequent recovery of the old equipment, as the client insisted that this phase be carefully organized and synchronized.

Rentys Solution

In this particular case, the RECYCLE service offered by Rentys provided for the removal of the obsolete equipment. As a result, every three to four weeks, a specialized service removed the equipment which had been rendered obsolete and disposed of it in accordance with WEEE standards.

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