To allow you to concentrate on your core business, Rentys has extended its services beyond the financial and administrative management of technological equipment. As part of the MANAGE option Rentys provides a dedicated service to help you manage your technological equipment.  

MANAGE in more detail

  • Asset management

    The MANAGE option provides you with an efficient way of managing your technological assets. You have a comprehensive and detailed view of your assets (description of equipment, financial data). Your asset management improves throughout the useful life of your equipment and you retain the analytical information necessary to control your budget, schedule upgrades and manage your internal re-billing 
  • Innovation

    Rentys also monitors technological issues, provides advice on anticipating replacements and planning technological upgrades.  
  • Reporting

    Upon request, Rentys makes information available relating to the leased equipment: incoming and outgoing assets, order tracking and budget, list of contracts and equipment breakdown by cost center, the technical description of the equipment, etc.

The advantages of MANAGE

  • Reduced management costs
  • Ability to forecast and manage changes in your technological costs
  • Optimization of technological and financial developments
  • Traceability: information on each product

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Case Study


As part of a multi-site contract, a major Belgian supermarket was seeking a simple and efficient leasing solution enabling them to anticipate and schedule the replacement of their technological equipment in order to optimize usage costs.

Rentys solution

The MANAGE contract was perfectly suited to this type of situation as it includes the provision of a simple leasing solution and an analytical view of all leased assets. The customer has an overview of all the leased equipment.
As a result, internal re-billing procedures are simpler, as is the scheduling of replacements, thus, minimizing the risk of any lost productivity within the distribution chain. 

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