Financing your equipment

A strategic business approach 

You need high-performance equipment to develop your business.

Rentys is not affiliated with any banking network. It provides independent business advice, regardless of company size or sector and offers help financing technological investments.

Financing options depend on the type of equipment needed and your investment strategy.

  • Financing

    Operational leasing
    Financial leasing
    Equity financing
  • Equipment

    IT equipment
    Medical equipment
    Industrial equipment
  • Customer type

    SMEs & large companies
    Public Sector

A strategic approach to optimal financing

This ensures your business continues to perform highly, optimizes the management of your technological assets  and controls costs.

The ultimate goal is to optimize the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), in other words, the real cost of using the equipment.

Building on our financial expertise and knowledge of a market over the past 15 years, Rentys has developed tailor-made solutions, to perfectly match the specific needs of each business.