In terms of “stream-lining” your technological purchases, the FRAME solution provides a highly flexible procedure within an entirely personalized framework procurement agreement. This is the ideal way to simplify the process of financing and managing your purchasing arrangements.

FRAME in more detail

  • Assessment | Budget

    Before deciding whether or not to provide a credit line for the duration of the implementation phase, Rentys works with the client to estimate the total cost of the project.

  • Agreement

    As part of the FRAME formula, Rentys establishes a framework procurement agreement which gives an estimate of the amount required, how it breaks down into equipment | software | services | consumables etc, the duration of the project, and any future contractual terms (lease payments, length of the lease agreement etc.).

  • Rollout

    For the duration of the rollout phase the lessee places orders with the suppliers of their choice for the equipment they require. The costs are covered by Rentys.

  • Monitoring

    After each delivery and invoice, Rentys processes the information received (invoices, budget and technical correspondence, etc.) and allocates the costs appropriately.

The advantages of FRAME

  • Budget clarity on costs
  • Control over the supply of equipment and its costs
  • Simplification: one invoice covering the purchase of several equipments
  • Saves time  & optimizes internal resources
  • Easy & flexible: multiple products can be included in a single contract.
  • Versatile, allowing you to upgrade to the latest technology in the future

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Case Study


A pharmaceutical company wanted to renew their existing IT equipment in a number of their pharmacies. The project was to take place over the course of several months but the order dates, quantities, exact configuration of the equipment and suppliers’ prices were not yet known.

Rentys Solution

The FRAME solution was perfect for this situation, as the framework agreement contains a credit line which provides for a flexible procurement process, a simplified contractual commitment and dedicated project advisors. Furthermore, the solution covers all IT-related aspects of the project, from equipment and software to related services.

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