BASE is a simple operational leasing solution. BASE is an extremely flexible short-, medium- or long-term lease enabling you to finance and upgrade your technological equipment.

BASE in more detail

  • Choice & flexibility

    You have the freedom to select and order from the suppliers that are best suited to your needs. The suppliers deliver the equipment while Rentys finances it.

  • Personalized contract

    The Rentys lease agreement covers the equipment you need and have carefully chosen. This agreement encompasses the duration, rent and any other possible options such as insurance.

  • Administrative management

    Rentys handles the administrative management of your purchases, centralizes and reviews the invoices sent by your suppliers. Once you have approved the equipment that has been delivered, Rentys pays your suppliers.

The advantages of BASE

  • No asset entry on the balance sheet, no advance VAT payments due
  • No depreciation table: lease payments relate only to expenses incurred during the operation
  • Manage the cost of your technological equipment.
  • Freedom: you are free to choose your equipment and suppliers
  • Flexibility: you can upgrade your equipment as and when required
  • Save time: Rentys handles the administration.

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Case study


Rentys’ first customer was a family-run business involved in the wholesale market, who chose operational leasing to support the growth of their company.
This dynamic SME wanted to do more than simply finance their servers, PCs and tablets. Above all, they were looking for a trusted partner who could help them choose both the right suppliers and establish innovative financing solutions.

Rentys Solution

Through the use of a BASE contract, Rentys has provided on-going help and support to this customer for nearly 15 years. Initially, Rentys took control of all assets under the terms of an operational leasing agreement. Since then however, the agreement has been modified several times in order to accurately reflect the changing needs of the business and the equipment required. Rentys now also manages the IT equipment for the new offices of the SME’s French subsidiary.

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